Shivalik Mountains, home to the legend of Living Waters that rejuvenates health, restores youth and invigorates vitality...

The Legendary Living Water!

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Renowned for healing environs and soul-reviving climate, Shivalik - nestled within the heart of the Himalayas is the source and origin of the Living Water...

The Quintessence of Mother Nature!

Each drop journeys several years through the mountains, fortified and filtered naturally and bottled with minimum human intervention...

Purest in Form and Truest in Taste!

Areonarô is blessed with high alkalinity, optimum pH levels and naturally occuring minerals. Drinking Areonarô enhances digestion, nervous system and blood circulation.

The Healthiest Water on the Planet!

Bottled from a protected aquifer, every sip is a promise of balanced of minerals, rich natural electrolytes and a perfect pH level.

India's Finest Natural Mineral Water!


The Legend of Celestial Waters

Ancient Indian scriptures are abound with legends of a celestial invisible river with divine, sanctifying and healing powers upon whose banks the revered Rigveda was composed 5000 thousands years back. Cited in various epics and classic literature, the location of this legendary water is said to be within the heart of Himalayas amidst the mystical Shivalik mountain ranges. This cradle of divine legends is also the source of Areonarô Natural Mineral Water.

The Soul of the Himalayas

From the depths of the divine Shivalik, every drop of this legendary living water journeys through several years to be naturally filtered by the mountain layers and infused with essential minerals in the process. The emerging water with a perfect mineral composition, rich in naturally occurring electrolytes and an ideal pH level is bottled at in our state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge French technology to secure Mother Natureís essence and purity that is completely untouched by man or pollution from the source to consumption.

Treasuring Mother Natureís Gift

Areonarô natural mineral water is presented in an innovative, recyclable glass & PET bottles in a range of sizes. The stringent bottling process begins from the protected aquifer to bring you pristine waters that are truly purest in form, truest in taste and the safest natural mineral water. The luxurious bottles are designed for elegance, with high resistance to any transformation to ensure the pure, crisp and fresh taste at all times.

The Element of Life

Water is the most effective ways of maintaining an optimal pH level for the human body with the alkalinity being most beneficial and vital to its cells and tissues. Areonarís unique natural pH value and mineral content can help neutralize the acidity of the human body and further benefits from consuming these minerals include enhancing digestion, nervous system and blood circulation. Areonar is deemed well suited for people with an active lifestyle and as an essential drink for athletes, growing children, new-mothers and babies.

Essence of the Living Waters

AREONARTM is filtered through layers of the mystical Shivalik mountain range and emerging out of protected aquifers, the water has a remarkable pH and unique mineral composition derived from the regionís rich geological profile an aspect that also provides for a distinctive character and rich smooth taste making it a perfect companion to any food or beverage, in fact AREONARô enhances the taste by bringing out the natural essence and flavours.

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